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About Su Anne and Luqman
Meet Su Anne and Luqman, a two person youth team volunteering at the Autism Café Proejct. Su Anne has been involved with the Autism Café Project in iM4U since August 2016. She thoroughly enjoys the social interaction and looks forward to her daily tasks in the café. Together with Luqman, who has a knack for cleanliness, they both compliment each other in their respective roles at the café.

Sue Ann and Luqman's Story

After finishing school, Su Anne found her inclination towards IT and initially pursued an IT course for those with special needs. However, the programme was discountinued but she did learn enough to complete a 3-month internship programme with a local hypermarket chain.

Always one to help out at home, she helps her mom in the kitchen with baking. She enjoys baking cupcakes and decorating them as well. And this started off her current journey with the Autism Cafe Project in iM4U.

Immersing herself in her job, she looks forward to going to work every day and interacting with the customers, who have now become her friends.

Luqman is still a student but still works at the café on a part-time basis. The café environment provides him with the necessary hands-on learning experience to enhance his ability and focus. At home, he helps his mom to cook and prepare the food for the café. Focusing on simple tasks, he does the cleaning as well as food prep, such as peeling and kneading dough.

At the café, he complements Su Anne to handle the responsbility of washing, cleaning and serving customers.

As a team, both form a strong bond to create a casual and warm environment for customers and the community.


Su Anne and Luqman

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