Tracy Poon-Paverali's Kitchen

About Tracy
Tracy is a person who believes in quality and serving her best for foodies to enjoy. She places a lot of emphasis on the quality of ingredients. From their trips back to Italy, she and her husband hand carry back many authentic Italian ingredients. Because they are much better in quality or they are simply not available locally. She knows that foodies will feel real joy and be surprised with the difference in quality.
As she is grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy Italian dishes not commonly found in commercial kitchens, she is more than happy to share the same with others. And she makes everything from scratch, knowing that foodies will be able to appreciate the impact on the taste of the dish.

Tracy's Story

orn in Hong Kong, Tracy found herself happily living in Malaysia with her Italian husband, Alberto. Being married into an Italian family, she learned to cook and polish her Italian culinary skills by immersing herself in the family, the culture and environment.

Many of Tracy’s dishes are from the region of her husband's origin - Piacenza, the northern-most town of the region of Emilia-Romagna, which is a food haven known for its cheese ( parmigiano-reggiano) and ham (prosciutto and various other air-dried sausages).

Being Italian, Tracy’s husband enjoys cooking and entertaining friends at their home and Tracy fondly recalls the excited faces and the smiles of their guests when she and Alberto shared Italian dishes and culture with them. In 2009, Tracy decided to use cooking as a journey for personal growth and via food, to provide joy for others! She embarked on running a private kitchen and faced the challenges of having to learn new skills, gain confidence and to adapt herself to changes. She also enjoys teaching others via cooking classes. During her classes, she openly shares traditional culinary secrets that she learnt from Alberto's family.

Foodies who are keen to learn and experience an Italian experience, both Tracy and husband are more than happy to share the stories and the background behind the ingredients and dishes. As such, you will encounter a real unique “EXPERIENCE”, not just with food, but with the Italian Culture.

If you would like to experience a warm and hearty Italian feast, do join Tracy as she welcomes all to share her Italian culinary experience and adventures!



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Chocolate Salame

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