Why We Do What We Do

At MakanSharing, we know that there are many wonderful cooks amongst us who are passionate about cooking, who enjoy spending time preparing that wonderful meal for family and friends, from going to the wet market for the freshest ingredients, preparing the ingredients to ensure proper food hygiene to labouring over hot stoves. And what we would like to do is to search for these talents and invite them to share their passion and culinary skills for the dining pleasure for all foodies, via our marketplace.

As a company, MakanSharing aims to...

  • Create a regional culinary online marketplace for all food lovers across all demographics.
  • Provide opportunities to home cooks and budding chefs to showcase their culinary creations.
  • Remove traditional barriers of entry to the culinary business via our platform.
  • Reward food lovers with home cooked treasures and unique culinary experiences.
  • Bring together cooks and foodies alike in our communicty service efforts.

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